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Air to Water Heat Pump Renewable Energy Heating Systems

Air to water heat pumps extract freely available heat from outside air to deliver energy efficient, environmentally friendly low cost heating and hot water supply. Modern Air to Water Heat Pumps, are exceptionally efficiently even at low outdoor temperatures, having a high Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF). Air to Water Heat Pump Units work using a vapour compression cycle in a similar way to a refrigerator but in reverse providing heating instead of cooling.

The Air to Water Heat Pump work extremely well with heating systems which operate at lower temperatures delivering heat over much longer periods, such as under floor heating systems and radiators. To provide extra heat when required these units can be incorporated with other heating systems such as wood fuelled, gas and oil boilers and solar thermal panels. Some units even feature an integrated electric water heating cylinder.

Air to Water heat pumps are simpler to install than Ground Source Heat Pumps, however the energy efficiency can be slightly lower.

Air to Water Heat Pump & Cylinder

air to water heat pump and cylinder

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Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps are a form of renewable energy used to harness free energy from the environment to provide heating and hot water. They provide exceptional environmental and economic benefits:

  • Harnesses freely available renewable heat energy, all year round
  • Reduces heating and hot water bills
  • Lowers your carbon emissions
  • Provides exceptional Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF)
  • Provides a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP)
  • Are low maintenance
  • Simple to operate with Weather compensation for increased efficiency
  • Produces heat even when outdoor temperatures are low
  • Could provide you with extra income through the Renewable Heat Incentive

How Air to Water Heat Pumps Work - Diagram

Diagram showing how air to water heat pumps work
  1. Outside air is drawn in by the fan into the evaporator giving up heat to a lower temperature refrigerant.
  2. The now vapourised refrigerant is compressed and the temperature and pressure are further raised.
  3. The heated vapour enters the condenser where it is gives up heat to the water for the heating systems. The heated water is used in the property.
  4. The cooled refrigerant enters the expansion valve before the whole cycle is repeated.

Air to Water Heat Pump Installation

Installation of Air to Water Heat Pump Heating Systems should always be carried out by specially trained renewable energy installers. Durk Energy Solutions are highly trained renewable energy heating and plumbing Engineers. We are fully accredited under HETAS, Gas Safe and we are Severn Trent Watermark Approved Plumbers.

Air to Water Heat Pump Systems come in many different system configurations and installing the correct system for your property is very important in order to gain the most energy efficiency. We at Durk Energy Solutions provide a comprehensive range of services; from choosing and designing the correct system, system installation, to on-going system servicing and maintenance.

Air to Water Heat Pumps - Video