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Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers are modern, reliable, cost effective and very environmentally friendly. They provide both room heating and hot water and are particularly suitable for off grid heating as a replacement for oil fuelled boilers. They are simple to install and as easy to use as gas or oil boilers, with automatic ignition and timer controls for simple operation.

There are a variety of types of biomass boilers available that are designed to burn specific types of biomass fuels. These fuels are usually either wood chips or wood pellets; however, some biomass boilers are designed to burn other pelleted fuels that are made from materials including straw, miscanthus and cotton waste. The carbon created by the burning of the biomass fuels is the same amount as is absorbed by new plants as they are growing thus providing a carbon neutral heating system

Both pellet and chip burners can also use automatic fuel feeders, so apart from occasionally topping up the hopper, the systems are almost totally automated.

Durk Energy Solutions Ltd are fully HETAS approved installers and our staff are fully trained and regularly assessed as competent installers of solid fuel domestic heating appliances.

Pellematic Wood Pellet Boiler

pellematic wood pellet biomass boiler

The Benefits of Biomass Boilers

Wood Burning Stoves provide many environmental and economic benefits. Some of these are:

  • Provides both space and hot water heating
  • Can greatly reduce your carbon footprint
  • If you have available storage space you can make savings by ordering fuel in bulk.
  • Remove your dependency upon imported fuels
  • Provides heating even if you are off the gas network
  • Biomass boilers can use waste fuels from the Forest and Agriculture industries.
  • Locally sourced biomass fuels will help your local economy
  • Many biomass fuels create lower levels of atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur dioxide than do fossil fuels

Automated Biomass Boiler

diagram showing automatic fuel loading in a biomass boiler
  • 1. Biomass Fuel is loaded into a hopper
  • 2. When required the fuel is fed to the boiler
  • 3. The fuel is combusted
  • 4. Hot water is generated

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