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Gound Source Heat Pump Renewable Energy Heating Systems

The planet earth absorbs and stores heat from our sun all year round. The temperature below ground remains fairly consistent even in cold weather. Ground Source Heat pumps tap into this abundant, free, clean and natural heat energy and transfer it into your home heating or commercial heating systems. The energy collectors are either buried below ground at a shallow depth or in a deeper borehole, providing an environmentally friendly, low-cost, renewable energy heating solution. The technology behind Ground Source Heat Pumps is actually quite simple working on a similar principle as the domestic refrigerator but in reverse.

The thermal energy from the earth is transferred to the heat pump using an environmentally friendly mixture of water and anti-freeze solution which circulates through the heat pump ground loop. The heat from the ground is transferred to the Heat Pump Cylinder ready to be used for room heating via under floor heating or radiators and for your buildings' hot water supply. If the heat input from the heat pump is not sufficient, an electric emersion heater can be used to top it up. Some Heat Pump Cylinders also feature an additional coil for input heat from a secondary renewable source such as Solar Thermal Panels, or traditional gas, oil or electric boilers.

Worcester Bosch Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pump System and Combi

Worcester Bosch Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pump

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The Benefits of Gound Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps provide many environmental and economic benefits:

  • Provides free renewable heat energy all year round
  • Money saving for lower heating and hot water bills
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint
  • Provides exceptional Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF)
  • Provides a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP)
  • Can be combined with other heat sources, such as boilers or solar thermal systems
  • Delivers very high efficiency when used with underfloor heating
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Very simple to operate
  • You may be eligible to receive payments for the heat you generate through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive

How Ground Source Heat Pumps Work - Diagram

Ground Source Heat Pump System Diagram

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Ground Source Heat Pumps - Video Part 1

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Video Part 2

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

It is paramount that the installation of Ground Source Heat Pump Heating Systems be carried out by appropriately trained renewable energy installers. We at Durk Energy Solutions are fully trained renewable energy heating and plumbing Engineers. We invest heavily in the training of our workforce and we are fully accredited installers under HETAS. Ground Source Heat Pump Systems can be installed in many different system configurations and choosing the correct installation is highly dependent upon the existing building design and energy efficiency. Durk Energy Solutions provide a comprehensive range of services; from choosing the correct system configuration, system installation, through to system servicing and maintenance.