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Modern Condensing Gas Boilers, Modern LPG Boilers, Installation & Servicing

Durk Energy Solutions provide a full range of installation and maintenance services for heating systems from full installations, through to system upgrades and modifications. We also provide full support for boiler breakdowns and servicing. Durk Energy Solutions are fully Gas Safe registered heating engineers.

We install and service both gas and LPG boiler systems. Gas has the benefit of being a highly efficient fuel that can be piped directly to your home. Modern Condensing boilers which are designed to use the heat from hot flue gases, have high energy efficiencies, with some models being up to 90% or more energy efficient. Older non-condensing boilers can be 60% less energy efficient than their modern counterparts. Replacing your old boiler will not only reduce your energy costs but as they are more energy efficient you will also be reducing your carbon emissions.

As with gas boilers the advanced engineering and design of modern LPG boilers has also provided increased energy efficiencies and economic benefits. Suitable for remote properties that are off the gas network modern LPG boilers are now designed to the SEDBUK ratings standard with many models working at over 90% energy efficiency. Replacing an old LPG boiler with a modern one will reduce your energy use and save you money.

Modern Compact Gas Boiler

Worcester Bosch CDi Gas Boiler Fitted in Compactm Kitchen Cabinet

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Energy Saving Central Heating Radiator Systems

Advances in heating engineering have come a long way in recent years. Modern central heating radiators can now boast much improved energy efficiencies. Radiators provide heating by both convection and radiation. Convection heating is when hot air rises from the radiator, cools down, then descends via the wall and is heated again. In radiation infrared heat is send directly from the radiator into the room and is unaffected by draughts and airflow.

In older radiators the heat generated is on average 20% from radiation and 80% from convection. The feeling of heat is reduced and it is less energy efficient. Modern energy efficient radiators such as the Stelrad Radical, increases the radiant heat produced by up to 50% and produces a much more comfortable and energy efficient space heating solution. Simply switching to a more energy efficient radiator can produce savings of up to 10% on your heating bills.

Durk Energy Solutions Ltd have all the expertise required to install and maintain your modern commercial and home heating systems. We also provide installation of alternative and renewable energy technology installations. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any plumbing or heating queries.

Stelrad Radical Energy Saving Radiator

Stelrad Radical Energy Saving radiator

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