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Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Solar Thermal Panels use the free renewable heat of the sun to assist in the heating of your hot water. Direct and diffuse solar radiation (sunlight) is collected by the Solar Thermal Panels and this heat energy is transferred to hot water and stored in a hot water cylinder. During the summer months Solar Thermal systems can provide most of, if not all of your hot water needs. They even work well on cloudy days throughout the winter and can provide up to 60% of your hot water annually. As you will use less fossil fuels to heat your water your Carbon Emissions and energy bills will be greatly reduced.

There are two types of Solar Thermal Panel Systems:

  • Vacuum Tube Systems
  • Flat Plate Panel Systems

Greenskies 12 Tube Evac (vacuum tube) & Solar-Lito (flat plate) Panels

solar thermal water heating panels

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Vacuum Tube Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Vacuum Tube Solar Thermal collectors provide superior efficiency, being on average 30% more effective than Flat Plate panels. However, they are more expensive to purchase but they also have the added advantage that less space is generally required to achieve the required solar heating capacity. The extra efficiency of these units allows them to produce enough heat energy to heat the hot water and also provide heat for the heating of the building via underfloor heating or radiators.

They are easy to install and are suitable for flexible building integration on not only sloping roofs but also on flat roofs and building facades. They are highly weather resistant and able to withstand the most severe of weather conditions.

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Panels deliver a cost-effective solution and provide excellent levels of efficiency and performance. Flat Plate Solar collectors are the most popular on the market. They are very robust and hard wearing and can be utilized in both “in-roof” and “on-roof” installations.

In on-roof installations the panels are mounted on top of the existing roof tiles by brackets that are bolted to the rafters to ensure a secure fixing. They tend to be utilized more on existing properties, whereas in-roof installations are usually fitted on new roof builds. With in-roof installations the units are mounted directly into the roof batons and the roof is tiled right up to the unit providing a less visually evident installation.

The Benefits of Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems provide many environmental and economic benefits, some of which include:

  • Free renewable heat energy from the sun, all year round
  • Money saving technology
  • Helps to reduce your Carbon Footprint by reducing your carbon dioxide emissions
  • Can be combined with other heat sources, such as existing boilers or renewable energy systems
  • They are highly efficient and completely controllable
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • You may be eligible to receive payments for the heat you generate through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar Thermal Heating System - Diagram

Solar Thermal Heating System Diagram

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