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Wood Burning Stoves

Nothing is as comforting as sitting by a real fire. Woodburning Stoves create a fantastic centrepiece in any home and there are a huge range of design styles available; from traditional country home styled stoves through to contemporary modern designs to suit any d├ęcor and architecture. Aesthetics aside, modern Wood Burning Stoves are highly engineered to provide very high energy efficiency in an environmentally friendly way. They are one of the easiest ways to heat your home and reduce your carbon footprint by removing your dependency of traditional fossil fuels and replacing this with a truly sustainable fuel source.

Wood Burning Stoves provide environmentally friendly home heating and they can also provide domestic hot water supply with the addition of a back boiler. They are simple to install and maintain and they can provide a true carbon neutral heating technology. By fuelling your Wood Burner with logs sourced from a local sustainable supplier there are huge environmental benefits. A sustainable supplier will plant new trees to replace those harvested for fuel. These new trees will then absorb the same amount of carbon that was produced by the burning of the logs.

Durk Energy Solutions Ltd are fully HETAS approved installers and our staff are fully trained and regularly assessed as competent installers of solid fuel domestic heating appliances.

Woodburning Stove Fuel Price Comparisons

diagram showing price comparisons for wood burning stoves against oil gas and electricity

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves provide many environmental and economic benefits. Some of these are:

  • Can greatly reduce your carbon footprint
  • The Solid Fuel Technology Institute state that burning logs is the cheapest form of home heating
  • Remove dependency upon imported fuels
  • Provides heating even if you are off the gas network
  • Can provide hot water if the burner has a back boiler
  • You will have heat even in a power cut
  • You can use reclaimed wood from building projects or carpenter's offcuts
  • You can even grow your own fuel!
  • Some stoves have hot plates and can be used for cooking
  • Wood burning stoves continue to emit heat long after it has gone out
  • Do not create draughts as do open fires
  • Creates a warm cosy atmosphere in the room

Carbon Sustainable Fuel for Wood burning Stoves

diagram showing carbon cycle for sustainable fuel sourced for wood burning stoves
  • 1. Trees use the suns energy and carbon in the atmosphere
  • 2. The carbon rich wood is harvested
  • 3. The wood is burned to produce heating
  • 4. The carbon is released into the atmosphere ready to be re-absorbed by new trees